Monday, April 2, 2007

We Support Our Alma Mater

april 2

Hail! Beloved Alma Mater...

Hi guys, I am equally surprised as you are when I heard about the news that the Elementary and Secondary Department of LCC will close come March next year. I just came from a convention in Baguio City and I was supposed to stay in Manila for a very important personal errand, but when I heard about the news, I went home to Daet to verify whether the controversy is true. And it is indeed true! I tried to keep in touch with La Consolacion, but it was very hard to get through. Instead, I called Tita Cleoty (an alumna of the former Daet Parochial School), and I asked her regarding some saliencies on the so- called "closure" of the institution. She advised me to contact the imcumbent president of the LCC Alumni Association in this regard.

So, I personally visited Mr. Alex King (the incumbent president) to check things out. He was very accommodating and he is actually starting to keep in touch with the rest of the officers and the "loyal" alumni. He will set a meeting soon, so that the alumni can partake in this laudable cause. I also heard from a very reliable source that one major reason for the closure of the school is financial in nature. Don't frown guys just like what I did when I heard about this. I got to know from this source that the financial problem started three years ago; the administration exhausted their very best to address the problem, but to no avail. They are actually maintaining high salaries of the personnel, electricity, water and other operational expenses. Deficits came soaring as the number of enrolees decreased for the last three years. One desperate decision that they made to cope up with the losses is to open the College of Nursing (which they believed can significantly contribute to the financial repertoire of the school) and yes, they were right, but still it was not enough to reckon the losses the way it is supposed to be. At the moment our predecessors in the school are wearing black t-shirts as their silent protest.
We spent twelve years in the portals of La Consolacion College. Who we are now, is the product of our past. We can't deny the fact that all of us became globally competitive because of a good catholic education we received from our Alma Mater. I can still recall how Polly Obusan (batch 1992) envisioned La Consolacion as the 1st Catholic University in the province, producing God-fearing, smart, honest, competitive and great graduates! But look what is happening now! Instead of becoming a university, our alma mater will close its two departments instead of expanding; our alma mater is closing (down)! We are now talking about heritage here, and I think we can still do something. By 2008, La Consolacion will celebrate its Diamond Jubilee, and I fear that there will be no more Diamond Jubilee for us! Our past will totally be erased in the facet of education. How will you answer your children if they ask you, where did you spend your formative years in the genre of education? La Consolacion? Where is that ???????? ????????? ??????? My co- consolites, co-alumni, batchmates and for those who are non-consolites but have a strong stand for catholic education, let us join our resources together and relieve the Charism, Mission and Vision Statements that were inculcated to us by the Augustinian Sisters of the Philippines, under the Order of St. Augustine. Let us remember the pact that we shared in every commencement exercise, and keep it burning in our hearts today. Our Alma Mater needs us, let us do something! Try to keep in touch with me in my personal email address and I'll update you. Please also signify through mail, if you support the retention of the Elementary and Secondary Department of La Consolacion College. Let us not forsake our consolite brothers and sisters of their right to enjoy catholic education that we enjoyed. Let us help them to realize their dreams of being a product of the pioneer catholic institution in the province. Let them sing with us with pride and joy our Alma Mater Song: "Hail Hail LCC, God's witness through the Augustinians, Hail beloved Alma Mater with beaming eyes and shimmering faces, through the skies we sing our praises, wherever we may go, NEVER WILL WE FORGET YOU, DEAR LCC...." We need each other now......... ........
Bing Quinones Batch 1991
Marisol Cribe-Angala Batch 1991
Teresita Dar Batch 1991


Daet Parochial School Class 67 said...

April 2, 2007
Hi Violy and all,

Thanks for this. I heard this story early this year, but immediately dismissed it as gossip…Technically, we have already lost DPS sometime back when it suddenly became LCCI. Now, it suddenly wants to become something else. I have also lost my college. I graduated Electrical Engineering in Mapua Institute of Technology which was recently bought by Dela Salle U and would like to rename it(perhaps within a period of five more years) to Malayan Institute of Technology. My comrades fought and lobbied hard against this and we certainly won…in the short run at least. Impact to former alumni: We graduated from a school that no longer exists…he, he, he…My graduate school was the same. Ateneo B School moved from Padre Faura to Makati where I completed my MBA and taught graduate school for more than three years. Now it is in another location in Makati?? I took post graduate studies in the University of Hawaii East West Centre Program on Information Systems and Adaptive Technology. Shortly after finishing, the school was phased out. I continue to be part of the Alumni Association that regularly meets in key Asian places yearly. I guess that this is the way some learning institutions cope with the market forces…Over the years, they come and go…Shaped and reshaped…Until only its sons and daughters and the ties that bind them remain….

Hugsssss to all.
Ed Canela

Anonymous said...

isara nyo....hahhahaha

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