Sunday, May 10, 2009


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(sorry I can't find a close up picture of nanay dionesia, I found one taken in THE HOTEL in the USA, for a live interview by GMA 7 - kumpleto sa make-up si nanay, but the picture is protected and could not be downloaded)

Wala si Manny, Kung wala si Mommy (Dionesia)!

Monday, after Manny's victory over Ricky Hatton, I received a text message congratulating Pakyaw, ang pambansang kamao, the nation's pride, but with the advise to forward the message immediately to 50 persons in my address book, or else ...... magiging.....  it was meant as a joke at the expense of nanay dionesia! I did not pass it on.

She's becoming a celebrity in her own right, being sought by press people.  Ako din, when Team Paquiao arrived at the NAIA, hinahananap ko si Nanay Dionesia.  We've seen her in all the previous fights of Manny, praying hard before the Santo Nino on her bended knees.  

Lately, we've been seeing other pictures of nanay..... didn't you enjoy watching her on TV doing the ballroom dancing during Manny's birthday celebration in GenSan?  talbog ang cha-cha ni GMA; or going to the wet market with bodyguards; and being interviewed asking Manny for a car?

After experiencing grinding poverty, she deserves the comforts of her new status as mother of the world's pound for pound boxing champion, one of the world's most influential persons, greatest Filipino athlete, and now a billionaire (who spent blood, sweat, and tears for every centavo that he earned, unlike the politicos swarming around him).

Just keep your feet on the ground Nanay Dionesia and ingat sa mga amigas and DIs.

Happy mother's Day. 

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