Monday, September 1, 2008

History of Daet Parochial School

I found this from the Wikipedia:

The La Consolacion College-Daet is a Catholic school in Daet in the province of Camarines Norte in the Philippines.

The school was founded in 1948 as Daet Parochial School by Monsignor Antonio O. Reganit, the then parish priest of St. John the Baptist Parish. The founder’s dream of putting up a Catholic co-education institution in the parish was made a reality by the generosity and co-operation of the Daet Parishioners and the moral and financial support extended by Msgr. Pedro P. Santos, Bishop of Nueva Caceres, and the then governor of the province, Hon. Governor Wilfredo Panotes.

It was in July 5, 1948 when 220 young children first entered this Catholic school. Named Daet Parochial School, the school went on forward, providing the much needed Catholic education of young parishioners of Daet and graduating its first elementary pupils on April 11, 1949 of the same school year, 1948-1949 and its first high school students on April 15, 1953.

The school’s operation and management was turned over to the Augustinian Sisters of the Philippines (ASP) in SY 1949-1950 with Sr. Ambrosia as first Directress/ Principal and Sr. Juana as the first Mother Superior. Provided with the much needed boost for effective and efficient school operation by the Augustinian Sisters, the Daet Parochial School was able to establish a name congruent to quality education, distinguishing itself in the field of education.

The conversion of Daet Parochial School to La Consolacion School of Daet came in SY 1970-1971 at the advent of Vatican II and in keeping with the modern sense of fellowship. From then on, the Family Council (FC), an organization of parents and teachers in school, and the Board of Trustees had been made functional.

The La Consolacion School of Daet, realizing the importance of systemizing school operations, opted to adopt the Catholic Schools-Systems Development (CS-SD) Program and the Social Orientation-Education Program (SO-EP CIP) in 1983. The school went through a series of Congregational Evaluation Visits (CEV) with the aim, in view, of accreditation by the Philippine Accrediting Association of Schools, Colleges and Universities (PAASCU). While in evaluation stage, the La Consolacion School of Daet worked for the offering of collegiate courses and was successfully granted permits and recognition for the operation of the Liberal Arts, Commerce and Education courses. As La Consolacion College – Daet since 1986, the school, today, continue to work for providing meaningful and relevant experiences for the young generation, now numbering 2,284 students.


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