Sunday, July 27, 2008

What's the Latest with the DPS Class 67 members?

Bert is back to Manila and will be staying until November or December. (I'll post pictures of Bert and his family while in the US, but I'll wait for clearer copies. Bert already posted them in our egroup but they're not too clear after he resized them.)

Ed is also back after his trip to Russia, Kazachstan (don't know the right spelling), Germany, Italy, etc. He will again be going abroad very soon. Meanwhile, like Manny Pacquiao, he's back to his studies while in the country. Unlike Manny, however, Ed is finishing his doctoral degree is Systems Dynamics. He tried to explain this to us yesterday, but I guess I have a simple mind which can not fathom what it means.

While Ed and Bert are back, Rudy is still out of the country, and Susan has left for the US to enjoy one of her many favorites - traveling, that is (aside from bingo). We learned a few months ago that Rey (Rafer)is also visiting the country (July nga ang sabi, but he hasn't arrived) and so with Glen, next month.

Marynat must still be very busy with her auditing job. Tess would have been with us yesterday but was attending a whole day job-related activity in Makati. Rory and Baby have not replied to our text messages regarding yesterday's get together. The mysterious Felino is again silent after saying that he felt like a Senador after receiving birthday greetings from many of us. Lina had an appointment, while we have not received fresh news from Sister Tere who's back here after years of assignment in Negros. "We" of course, include the ever active Ate Alot, Mama Mia!, the coordinator-treasurer of the group. Doc Manuel (Lukban) hasn't failed to come whenever there's an invitation for a get-together.

Mendy continue to send text messages of inspiring quotes and jokes. Boy Rios did not reply to our birthday greetings and did not acknowledge receipt of a CD of the class reunion pictures. Boboy occasionally sends text messages, the latest of which was when he wanted to know in real time who won between Pacquiao and Diaz. I haven't heard from the rest of the folks in Daet (and they, too, from me).

Enjoy the pictures.


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