Sunday, April 6, 2008

San Diego, Here We Come!

Despedida for Bert and Marie
Dads, Glorietta 3, Makati City
Saturday, April 5, 2008

Among the well-wishers were:
Alot (ang Ingat-Yaman and masipag na overall coordinator);
Susan (who's up and about having recovered from her operation; biopsy result showed she's negative for the Big C kaya siguradong yaon pa daa siya sa 2010 Reunion!; but has to watch her sugar level; she now has to inject herself with insulin)
Evelyn (who's sad she'll soon be the only non-dps-class67 in the group; busy with her farm in Batangas; the group is eager to get invited there; overnite pa an gusto ni Alot!)
MaryNat (who has proven Felino wrong because now she's kalog and ma-chika; of course she did not forget to bring her baong lipstick!)
Lina (she came earlier than many of us.... for a change! she'll be celebrating her birthday on the 18th; and anticipating the coming home of her husband late this month...... after many, many years..... diligin mo ng hamog ang uhaw na lupa!.... you should hear the advice of susan, evelyn, tess and the rest about what preparations she should be doing now.... ma-sho-shock si Sor Victorina! an sako ngayang dating internang si Tess dakol ng aram! )
Baby (ever present in manila gatherings, but never in the homecomings! reminiscing with Susan the day they, together with Marybeth met an accident when the karitela fell in the canal in Salcedo St., an hapot daa ni Tony (+) si-isay an nadaganan, sinda o an kabayo)
Tess (I was getting my food when she came, so I don't know kung may na-anggutan na naman siya! she was with her unica hijo)
myself (the official photographer; wearing nice white shirt! bagay ano? that was a pasalubong from Marybeth and Willy! thank you!)

and the couple bert and marie who are leaving for the US next month (wait-listed on May 3 and confirmed on May 9; Bert says he/they will be back after 3 months; the kids will still finish their schooling here; and Bert too will not be giving up his job yet!; anyway, let's wait for his (executive) privilege spit!)

here are some of the pictures for the benefit of those who still do not want to open the blogsite! For the rest of the pictures ate marynat, you have to visit the blog!

Ed was absent (dai man nasida an kotse nya, he said he was attending a course in Tagaytay; susan asked what course? was it s____l inter-? e mga madre at padi daa an kaiba nya sabi ni Ed; baka nagma-mass for truth with jun lozada!)

no reply from Felino and Rori.... zzzzzzz.....zzzzzzzz....

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