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Camarines Norte - Series 1


Located on the northeastern coast of the Bicol Peninsula, which forms the southeastern section of Luzon; Between Mt. Cadig-Labo Mountain Ranges and Pacific Ocean at 122 -20 to 123 -50' east longitude and 13 -5 to 14 -20' north latitude; Bounded on the north by Lamon Bay and Pacific Ocean, northwest by Quezon Province and in the southeast by san Miguel Bay and the adjoining province of Camarines Sur.

Land Area - 232,007 hectares

As of Aug 2007: 513,785
(Cam Norte is the second smallest province in Bicol in terms of population. Camarines Sur is the largest with 1,693,821 and Catanduanes, the smallest with 232,757).

From Year 2000 to 2007, however, Cam Norte had the highest population growth rate among the six provinces of Bicol at 1.57%, higher than the regional average of 1.23% but lower than the national average of 2.04%. (Data from the National Statistics Office)

Land Cover
• Riceland - 5.17%
• Barren/Sand - 0.53%
• Brush/Wood/Coconut - 47.67%
• Built-Up - 1.03%
• Coconut - 17.77%
• .Fishpond - 1.23%
• Grass - 1.83%
• Mangrove - 1.38%
• Old Growth Forest - 6.00%
• Residual Forest - 16.39%
• Water - 0.69%

Economic Activities (The information here is too general. We will try to get more details in the succeeding posts).

Agriculture-related (farming, fishing, hunting and forestry);
Industry-related (mining, quarrying, manufacturing, construction) and
services-related (wholesale and retail trade, hotel and restaurants; transportation, communication and storage, final intermediation, real estate, education, health, social work and other community, social and personal services).

Major Commodities
Pineapple, palay, corn, coconut, abaca, banana, cacao, calamansi, coffee, mango, papaya; fishery and meat products.

Annual Poverty Threshold Per Capita

Poverty threshold refers to the minimum amount that is necessary to be able to satisfy the requirements for food and other basic necessities. Per capita threshold refers to the amount per person that is required.


Overall P14,298/per person/year or P39/person/day

Urban P17,704/per person/year or P48/person/day

Rural P13,691/per person/year or P38/person/day


Overall P15,440/per person/year or P42/person/day

Urban P18,418/per person/year or P50/person/day

Rural P14,415/per person/year or P39/person/day

Poverty Incidence among Families

2000 52.7% of the families

2003 46.1% of the families

Camarines Norte is second to Masbate in terms of poverty incidence in Bicol.

National Average Poverty Incidence

2000 - 27.5%

2003 - 24.4%

Source of Income and Poverty Incidence data: National Statistical Coordination Board

(Note: The List of provincial and municipal officials will be posted tomorrow).

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