Saturday, January 26, 2008

Dan, Lyn and Ed

Here are the fotos that were taken during the Canela's (Glo, Juergen, Dr. Christinne and Dr Dexter) recent visit to Orlando, Florida. Lyn (Ms Siboney... I am sure that you can still pinpoint her easily in the foto) and Marce invited both the Canelas and the Dela Fuentes (Danilo and Beth) to the Cheesecake Restu in the Millenium Mall. We have to wait for almost two hours before we can grab the nice food they have there. So while waiting, lots of chikahan ensued. Sarap to go down the memory lane.

Iba pala when you have not seen each other for a long time. Your conversation will be rapid...and you tend to be inconsistent...sometimes illogical...but the brains continue to understand. Nakakatwang mag-observe. You try and rush to the past. Then back to the present. Then to the possibilities of the future. Ang hirap mag-concentrate (he, he, he matanda na rin siguro) if you're not privy to these events.

One thing is for sure though...the blog and the floods of e-mails truly help. Lyn admired so much those who are continuously sending their news and info via the net. Though she admits that she is not so active, she is always lurking and watching the events and chickahan as they unfold. Miss niya si MaryNat and Toti so much.... It was however so nice. Masarap ang pagkain. And so memorable....

Here are some fotos that we took. Marami pa actually, pero sa Reunion na lang. Lots of huggggssssss....

Ed Canela

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