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The Countdown Begins: 19 Days before the Big Event

The Countdown Begins

It’s 19 days before the Big Reunion!

Last January 15, the Daet group composed of Mendy, Susan, Dra. Yoly, Estring, Mila, Emily, Remo, Boboy, Maning, Dorset and Adonis held a meeting to discuss preparations for our reunion.

Yesterday, January 19, it was Manila group's turn to meet with Susan in Greenbelt I, Makati over lunch and coffee/beer for the updates and further discussion of the preparations for the big event. Susan and Ate Marynat were the early birds, followed by me (Toti). Then came Alot, Bert and Marie and Baby Banaria-Trinidad, Tess, and lastly Lina (as usual, The Late Lina, pinakamalapit lang ang bahay niya, sa may Buendia lang. 2008 na Lina, bilis-bilis ang kilos!) We missed Ed who had an appointment with his doctor (but I’m sure he’ll stand by his word that he’ll attend the Reunion.)

This year’s reunion is expected to be bigger compared to our 40th Class Reunion in april, last year. We have more balikbayan classmates coming, as well as those from other parts of the country. Aside from Anabelle Abano-Adica who is a regular attendee, Susan reported that Dra. Linda (Ferrer) from Isabela, Boy Rios (from Olongapo) and Wilma Quintela from Catanduanes have confirmed their attendance. We have also contacted Sis Terry in Negros and reminded her about the schedule. Last year, she said that she’ll give the activity a priority. We’re waiting for her reply.

Of course we will miss the Captain of the Class, Our Dear Rudy, Rori, and Danny (hu,hu,hu). I won’t add another word to the reactions written by our classmates, baka ma-overkill na. Of course, I, too am sad! (Six words na ‘yun a!) What about Ate Marynat? Let’s hope that Bert’s email, and the group’s pa-ngo-ngonsyensia yesterday, will do some wonders and lo and behold, Ate Marynat will be there in Daet! We hope, she’ll take the group's suggestion for her to take the plane to Naga and Susan will pick her up at the airport and they’ll go together to Daet. She should try her best to be there. Last year, she was the most sought after classmate. In fact, Buboy Ong was given the special assignment to locate her no matter what the cost. And he was successful! Ano palang award ni Boboy? Kaya lang, na-offset yong success niya by his failure to locate another sought after classmate – RUDY DEL VALLE!

In the case of Baby Banaria-Trinidad, she’s been joining the get-together in Manila but doesn’t seem to have any plan of joining reunions in Daet. Maybe Marybeth can also use her persuasive powers.

Confirmed attendees:

1. Anabelle Abano-Adica
2. Amelita Adem-Banal
3. Fechie Alarcon
4. Lina Angeles-Nieva
5. Mendy Balon-Ching
6. Alot Barbin-Arcilla (plus Ric?)
7. Tess Cereno-Solis
8. Mila Echano
9. Estring Asis
10. Ningning Fermo-Heraldo + 11. Edwin
12. Dra. Linda Ferrer-Ty
13. Dra. Yoly Hernandez-Reyes
14. Emily Herrero-Cruz
15. Susan King-Pural
16. Teresita Quizon
17. Wilma Quintela
18. Marybeth Regalario-Bautista + 19. Willy
20. Men Venida-Abot
21. Maning Abogado
22. Elmer Auro
23. Remo Balce
24. Adonis Bertillo
25. Ed Canela + 26. Gloria (parang Angara pala)
27. JoeMari Chavez
28. Dorset Dwyer
29. Toti Grageda
30. Efren Mago
31. Allan Mulligan
32. Boboy Ong
33Bert Padrigon + 34. Marie
35. Joe Sales + 36. Norma
37. Alito Yadao
38. Jose Yadao
39. Jose Zano


Marynat Dasco-del Rosario
Sis. Terry Azanes
+ Guests = around 50 persons

Arrival Dates

Last Week of January – Allan Mulligan

February 1 – Marybeth and Willy

February 5 – 10 pm – Joe and Men

February 6 – am. – Fechie

Marybeth and Willy will pick up Joe and Men at the airport.
Proceed to coffee shop to await the arrival of Fechie before proceeding to Daet.
- to be coordinated by Bert (Ed and Toti will join the welcoming party, others who are in Manila are also invited, bring Everlasting!)

Proceed to Daet –
Check in at Mega Hotel (Junction of Vinzons Avenue and the Diversion Road, before reaching the Centro of Daet)

There are reservations for two family rooms (P1,700 and P1,300/day; additional twin-bed rooms are available at less than P1,000/day; February is not a peak season so it won’t be a problem to get additional rooms)

February 8 – convoy of 3 vehicles from Manila to meet at the San Pedro, Laguna Petron gasoline station at 8 am.

* Ed Canela and company
* Tess and company
* Bert and company

arrive in Daet, Mega Hotel at 4 pm.

No details yet of Ningning’s schedule:

Daet, Camarines Norte
February 8, 9, and 10, 2008

Schedule of Activities

February 8, 2008 (Friday)

6:00 PM – Welcome Dinner / Get-together
Place: Louie’s Canteen
Infront of St. John the Baptist Church
Magallanes Ilaod Street
Daet, Camarines Norte

February 9, 2008 (Saturday)

8:30 AM – Assembly Time
Place: Infront of Louie’s Canteen

9:00 AM – Departure Time
Destination: Emerald Resort
Mampurog, San Lorenzo Ruiz

2:00 PM – Back to Daet
Rest/Free Time

5:00 PM – Thanksgiving/ Anticipated Mass
To be officiated by Fr. ______________
St. Joseph, husband of Mary Church
Holy Trinity Cathedral Grounds
Gahonon, Daet, Camarines Norte

6:30 PM – Dinner and Socials (with live band courtesy of Dra. Yoly)
Place: Mila’s Hotel
Vinzons Avenue
Daet, Camarines Norte
Attire: casual (come as you wish; T-shirt and jeans are ok)

February 10, 2008 (Sunday)

10:00 AM – Brunch/ Despedida
Place: Kingfisher Restaurant
Vicente Basit St. (formerly Salcedo St.)
Daet, Camarines Norte

Manila – Reunion Part II (schedule to be determined)

URGENT for the balikbayans!

Let’s agree on the date of our Get Together in Manila, which should be after February 11 when Rudy is already in town.

Please e-mail your preferred dates so we can also make the necessary arrangements.

We have pictures of yesterday's meeting. Marynat will post them since she was the only one who brought a camera. I had my senior moment again yesterday. I made sure that the batteries of my camera were fully charged, but I left it at home. The memory card of Marynat's camera does not fit into my laptop. So, hopefully, she can ask her daughter to post the pictures.

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