Monday, November 5, 2007


If Erap has his carabao english (which is really just a product of a PR strategy intended to endear Erap to the masses by portraying him as somebody just like the ordinary Filipino, imperfections and all. Ask Reli German about this.

Now comes, Gloria's way of speaking in Pilipino. Here's a collection which I got from the weekly column of Michael Tan of the Philippine Daily Inquirer, which he also got from the column of Horacio Paredes published in Abante.

Mag-impok ng enerhiya – let’s save energy.

Inutusan ko na sina (two government officials) upang magkaroon ng tubig ang inyong mga pipa - I have instructed (two government officials) to bring water into your pipes.

Napaikot na natin ang ekonomiya – We have turned the economy around.

Buto ng ekonomiya at dugo ng komersyo – backbone of the economy and lifeblood of commerce

Imprastrakturang mang-aaliw ng mamumuhunan – infrastructure that would attract investors

Lumipad na presyo – soaring prices

If she stays longer in power, we will have more of these.

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