Thursday, August 30, 2007

Reunion in LA

This is Ed Canela's sketch of the group minus Bert and Marie. (Kunyari, it's actually computer-generated!)
Here's Men's account of their get-together.
Had a grand, wonderful, hilarious and never-a-dull-moment time at LA.

8/24 - finally met with Dan, Allan and Bert after 40 long years! It was like we've never been separated for so many years. Had lunch at Goldilocks at Eagle Rock with Dan, Allan, Joe, Marybeth, Willy and myself while Bert and Marie ate at Goldilocks Cirritos (about 45 minutes away from us), finally met with them, had a short chit-chat, and agreed to meet later for dinner TOGETHER, then went to Residence Inn by Marriott at Redondo Beach to check in. It was like a never ending stories over and over again.Picked up Bert and Marie around 730PM at Airtell Hotel and went to Red Dragon at China Town and back to the hotel, where we started to drink and more kuentohan which lasted up to about 1AM. Allan drove them back to the hotel, while we stayed awake up to about 2-230AM. Our bagets, Joe offered tagay for Toti.

8/25 Had about 30 minutes of sleep because there was a symphony at our suite. Joe and Danny had good rhythm - I should have brought a baton. Hahaha. Allan arrived at about 7AM. Skyped with Ed who is in Indonesia. We've been talking and laughing all the time. When Beth and Willy came, we Skyped with ED again. About 10AM had seafood brunch at the waterfront. Back to the hotel by the pool, talked and laughed again until we got hungry, had dinner about 5 at a crustacean restaurant, had fresh crabs, fish, clams, etc. good food.After dinner, went back to the hotel for drinks. Talked about almost everything. Bought 3 hours worth of phone cards, used 3 cell phones which had low batteries - spoke to Toti, Susan, Alot, Remo and Rory. Marybeth decided to join our group who are going back to the Philippines in February 2008. Stayed up to 2AM. Allan spent the night.

8/26 Woke up early and proceeded to the airport leaving Danny all by himself. Chito is picking him up. He's going home on 9/02.

Had a really enjoyable time. Sending some photos under separate cover. More are coming from the cameras of Beth, Danny and from the video camcorder of Joe.

Ingat all,

Dan, Marybeth, Joe, Allan and myself would like to thank you:

Susan - for the delicious coco jam (unfortunately, Joe's coco jam was confiscated at the airport).

Bert/Marie - for the very special malinamnam na wet look daing. Maraming salamat po.

Ed - for opening your skype during that time.

Toti - for your patience.

Alot, Susan and Rory - for answering the phones after 10 rings hahaha!
Tried to call other classmates but they didn't answer their phones.

Rudy/Evelyn - loved it! muchos gratias.

Insan/Beth - appreciate it.

Remo and the Daet Group - for your prayers.

Toti - Please inform our classmates that Danny, Joe, Allan, Marybeth, Irma, Violeta and myself are inviting everybody for a reunion on 02/08 - invitations will be sent later. And if you can check availability of everybody so we can set up a date. Thank you again, my friend.

Glen and Lyn - how would you like to join our group? We'd love to have you.

Susan - sorry for the interrupted calls. We ran out of phone cards, the cell phones we used had low bat. We'll make it up to you when we see you.

Alot tried to call you back but your phone was busy. We'll see you very soon.

Remo - thank you for your assistance in locating a house that we can use during our reunion. Enjoyed talking to you.

Rory - it was so nice to hear your voice again. Hope you get well soon and we expect to see you at the reunion. Take care.

Thank you and ingat everyone.

Hi Men et al,

Looks like you really had a great time during the brief get together in LA. Sayang! I missed it. Abala talaga ang trabaho sa barkada! Hopefully, with the next proposed reunion, I will be there. Maiiwanan ako sa tsismisan. Kawawa naman si Joe, walang ka-tagay! Don't worry Joe, next time, it will be the two of us. We will drink for those who don't drink.So they won't feel left out. He-he-he.

I'm waiting for more pictures from the reunion.

Take care.


Wonderful way of being together and a sign that: DISTANCE IS DEAD! We are together despite the big D. He, he, he.Ed Canela (using SKYPE)
Amen to that. Really enjoyed that two days get together. You should have joined us. Hindi bale, siguro naman you can join sa 02/08 reunion. Puwede pa iplano. Diba Toti?
For the complete set of pictures, visit


Dan dela Fuente said...

Hi Toti,
These mini reunions that the members of DPS Class 67 were having is the result of your unwavering committment to reunite us whereever we may be, and we thank you for this. Joe S., Men, Bert, Allan and myself for one, have not seen each other since we graduated from DPS in 1967, while the last time I saw Marybeth was in 1994. It is very obvious that the camaraderie we had established during our high school days will never be forgotten. The mini reunion that we had in LA proved this. Even after the long separation, 4 decades in most cases, as if those years were frozen and when we saw each other, as if time just rolled again were it left off. No uncomfortable feelings whatsoever. Para bang "kahapon lang nagkahiwa-hiwalay". No pretensions, just like when we were in high school.
Madalas sabihin ni Joe, walang malisya noon, just plain fun. During our mini reunion in LA, the happiness we were experiencing was tremendous that we have to share it with you, Ed, Susan, Alot, Rori and Remo by way of telephone and Skype. Although Bert's stay with us is quite short, but the mere fact that time to see us was allocated by him and Marie inspite of their busy schedule, is proof that that stage of our life is so important that it can't be missed. One more thing that I'm happy about our class is the support and involvement of the "better-halves". I can only say "wow". Kung sabagay, they got the "best crop of DPS - Class 67, kaya what can you expect but the "best". Thanks again Toti, and looking forward to February 2008. All the best to every member of DPS Class 67 and to their loved ones.

Daet Parochial School Class 67 said...

I'm really very happy to note that we have all maintained this camaraderie and still have this eagerness and feeling of anticipation for the group to see each other again.

We will start making plans for Feb 2008 to make sure that it will truly be an enjoyable one for us and your "better-halves".


Sor Victorina de la Providencia, Mother Superior of Daet Parochial School

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