Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Get-together on a Rainy Evening

On the invitation of Captain Rudy and wife Evelyn, the Manila group was supposed to meet at 6 pm at the Zhongs in The Fort for an early dinner. Then the group would proceed to RJ Bistro as suggested by Tess. The weather was not cooperative though. It rained hard just before six. Rudy and Evelyn, Tess, Alot, Susan and Rori were already at the Fort only to find out that there was no power in the area. A Meralco post, or something broke down as early as 3 pm. I was having difficulty getting a cab then. Good thing, Alot called me up and informed me of the situation and that they were transferring to Glorietta. This was easier for me since I live near the MRT-Shaw Blvd Station. So it didn't take me long to get to Makati, and from the station, Glorietta was just walking distance. The group plus Baby Banaria-Trinidad were already in Glorietta when I arrived. Marynat was not able to make it. She would be coming from Nueva Ecija after attending a funeral and she decided not to follow because of the heavy rains. Our jet-setter friend Ed couldn't make it either. He had to prepare for his early morning flight to Frankfurt. (He just arrived last Sunday from Laos). Lina was in Bicol and Felino begged off because he wasn't in Manila either.

We had good food, plenty of food, and we were serenaded. Rudy requested for Evelyn's theme song for him (iyong kinakanta daw ni Evelyn habang pinapatulog siya) - I forgot the title; Tess requested for a Spanish song; and Susan requested for the favorite of the class - When Summer is Gone (or is it I'll See you in September?).

We decided no longer to proceed to RJ Bistro because of the rains, so there was plenty of time to again reminisce- marami from our high school days - bangka si Rudy sa kwento. I will not go into details this time.

I have to prepare now, I'm leaving for Cagayan de Oro at 4:45 am. I have to go to the airport at 3:15 at the latest. Bye.

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