Saturday, November 28, 2009

Continuing Maguindanao Massacre/ and GLORIA Watch

“I don’t think the President’s friendship with the Ampatuans will be severed,” Deputy Spokesperson Lorelei Fajardo said. “Just because they are in this situation doesn’t mean we will turn our backs on them.” As if that weren’t enough assurance, she added, “it doesn’t mean that they are no longer our friends, if ever they indeed committed the crime.” (from the Phil. Daily Inquirer)

Is this woman clueless, crazy or what? Or is Fajardo really being honest and is telling us what Gloria really feels?

The newspapers and TV stations have reported that finally, the almost 400 civilian volunteers/private army of the Ampatuans ha
ve been de-activated and their firearms seized. But what kind of firearms was the government able to retrieve? Where are the high-powered firearms? Di man lang nagtaka ang militar kung bakit eto iyong mga firearms. Parang iyong mga garand and springfield rifles na ginamit namin sa ROTC noong 70s pa ito.

Back to Gloria. It's also in the news that Lilia Pineda has confirmed that Gloria will be filing her candidacy for congresswoman of the 2nd district of Pampanga. Who's Lilia Pineda? (My God, what have you been jueteng for?). Here are some comments I also got from the news:

“It will be such a waste if the President withdraws from public service. She has the experience and has established connections abroad that can be used to benefit Pampanga,” Lilia Pineda said.

Speaker Prospero Nograles said President Arroyo’s decision to seek a congressional seat was widely expected. “She has made a decision and that was predictable. Going back to your roots,” he said.

"if she decides to run, it would be to serve the people, not protect herself,” said REMONDE referring to suspicions that bagging a congressional seat would make her immune from lawsuits that may arise after she steps down. (Oh Yeah? Face the mirror and repeat what you said.)Grabe na ito! What kind of person is GMA? Let's see on Monday, if indeed she'll file her COC.

(Quotes from the persons mentioned were taken from today's issue of Phil. Daily Inquirer).

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