Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Lintik Lang ang Walang Ganti

I would admit that I’m not a fan of Ted Failon and his radio partner Korina.  In the few times that I get to listen to them at DZMM, I have the impression that they are arrogant and self-righteous.  Regardless of this personal perception, however, all my sympathy goes to Ted Failon on the shocking incident last week involving the shooting and eventual death of his wife Trina, and the arrest of Trina’s siblings and the family’s housemates.  What we saw on TV exposed the arrogance, insensitivity, vindictiveness , and brutality of the QCPD officers and men.  The whole thing was repulsive.  How could the police do such actions, which are legally questionable, morally inappropriate and violative of the culture of the Filipinos (not wanting to leave a dying relative) – in full glare of the tv cameras.  It’s as if they were saying “Lintik lang ang walang ganti” to get even to Ted.


But it shouldn’t only be the QCPD police that should be denounced, investigated and punished.  The Secretary of Justice, himself, should be reprimanded for dignifying unverified rumors and insinuating that it could be a case of parricide.  Well, what can we expect from the Sec of Injustice. (matagal ng pakawala iyan).

 What about Percida Acosta, of the PAO?  Surprise! I agree  with Gonzales.  KSP is the kindest words I can say, although a few months back when she issued a pronouncement that the MIA-road incident was a shoot-out and not a rub-out and even challenged Human Rights Commissioner Leila de Lima to prove that it was a rub-out, I already said that she was C _ _ _ Y.

 Obstruction of justice is conveniently invoked in the Trina Etong-incident.  Such hypocrisy and double standard!  Isn’t obstruction of justice being committed with great abandon by this administration in order to hide the TRUTH? What do you call USec Manny Gaete (now SEC commissioner) facilitating the flight out of the country of Jun Lozada when the Senate was about to invite him to the NBN-ZTE investigation; the administration’s efforts to block cabinet members from testifying in Senate/Congressional investigations, the abduction/rescue (?) of Vidal Doble, a witness to the Hello Garci wire-tapping incident, and many, many more.

 By the way, there were shooting incidents in the past which were accepted to be suicide cases and were not investigated, even if there were “rumors” in café shops regarding the circumstances surrounding those cases - (the law-student son of a popular politician, and the former Regal star Alfie Anido, then rumoured to be the boy-friend of the daughter of another politician).  Why such an interest in the Etong case? The reason is obvious.  It’s a warning to all of us.  So, who will protect us from the police, and higher than them - the powers that be?  Let us voice out our outrage even only here in the internet.

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