Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Post-Christmas Get Together with Rory Serra

Yesterday, December 29, several of us visited Rory in his residence in Green Heights Village in Paranaque. This was planned by Ate Marynat and was pursued when the planned post-Christmas Party didn’t take off. It turned out to be a very happy occasion even if it was only a small group that made it. More so because we got to see Rory, whom we last had a chance to be with during the despedida for Marybeth and Willy in May. It was also a rare opportunity to be with Captain Rudy and Ineng whose company we last had during his birthday blow-out also in May.

Others who made it were Ate Marynat, the organizer, Alot, Ebo and me. Bert and Marie wanted very much to join us but couldn’t make it because of a scheduled activity yesterday and today (golf perhaps) at the Riviera. He earlier told us that he was only available on December 28. Ed begged off because had a lunch date (must be a long lunch because our scheduled visit was at 3 pm, way past lunch time). Felino wasn’t sure because he would be coming from Bulacan and might be caught in the traffic. Lina was supposed to spend the holidays with her husband (yes her husband is back from Japan) in Bicol. Tess never responded to previous posts on the plan to hold a post-Christmas get-together while Baby doesn’t really know Rory that much, as they were not classmates in DPS.

Lina, Rory’s wife was there, together with two of their five children – Ryan, and their only daughter, whose name I didn’t get (sorry). Ryan, turned out to be an elementary classmate of another Ryan – Rudy and Ineng’s son, Ryan. They had fun reminiscing how naughty Rudy’s Ryan was but who nonetheless, performed well in academics. (Kay isay pa daa ma mana? and while we noted the strong physical resemblance of father and son, mas gwapo man daa siya sabi ni Rudy).

It was still pot luck but minus the pampa-alta-presyon (crispy pata, adobo, etc). Instead, we had lumpiang sariwa (from Conti’s pastry and restaurant), which Marynat truly believed was prepared by Rudy. That’s how credible Rudy is to Ate Marynat! There was also pancit malabon, sotanghon, pichi-pichi, crema de f..r..uta (you should see Rory roaring with laughter when Rudy pronounced it minus the “r”), buko pandan ice cream, bread, grapes, and pineapple. Marynat brought the grapes. She said she’ll bring fruits but she couldn’t carry something heavy (operada kaya), so I was sure she wouldn’t bring tipong, langka or pakwan.

Rory’s place (house and lot) is quite big and could accommodate our group should we plan another get-together where we can bring food. Distance is however, a problem. I think it’s only Bert, Rudy and Baby who live in that part of Metro Manila. It was a good thing that Ebo could make it, so Marynat, Alot and I were able to hitch a ride with him. And he was a revelation, kalog man palan si Ebo. He made us all laugh during the party and on our trip to and from Rory’s house. Move aside, Bert, you’ve got competition!

Rory and Lina, and everyone enjoyed the three hours or so visit and get-together. I’m sure I also contributed to Rory’s enjoyment.Ogmahon siya kayang pagparakarawan an gurang na binatna. Kaya, sige na lang, “Te’ kung saan ka masaya, supurtahan kita!”

2010 is still more than a year ahead so we’re hoping that by that time, Rory would be up and about and together with wife Lina, will be able to attend our 43rd Class Reunion.

Below are the pictures of the get together, which I hope I’ll be able to upload. Yes finally, I did.

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